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Hi there


I think I am asking for something simple but it would be very helpful if I knew where to get the help. I would like someone to create some macros for me that i often use when setting exam papers. I have about nine styles which I would like to access via a shortcut but I do not have the skills to do this. These help to align all my questions with numbering, mark allocation etc. Who would I go to to ask for help to create these macros and get them onto Word? Thanks.


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@Monwabisi65 If you create and upload a document that contains examples and any required explanations of the styles that you want, we can take a look at it and make suggestions.

Hi there. I do have all the styles that I use and have put them on a word document but am unsure how to put it onto this forum? Thanks

@Monwabisi65 Below the Message Editor there is a facility to Drag and drop or Browse to attach files.





Thanks very much. I have attached the different styles with a little explanation of what I currently have and would like to do.





@Monwabisi65 That document contains only two (2) of what are referred to as Styles in the terminology used by Word - the Normal Style and the Table Grid Style.d


However, you might find what you want at: