Macros disappeaar in Word application

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Macros disappear after microsoft update


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If you stored the macros in the Normal template, look for backups of that template. They are usually called things like Normal1, PreNormal, NormalPre and you will find them in the same folder as the Normal.dotm itself.

Where did you have the macros stored? I assume that they were in the Normal.dotm template. While in nearly 40 years of using Word, I have never had my, or more lately Normal.dotm template disappear as a result of an update, I am aware of a number of users claiming that has happened, so check in the User Templates folder for some variation of the name Normal.dotm such as PreNormal.dotm or OldNormal.dotm and if you find anything like that, use File>Open to open it and see if it contains your macros.