Macro or style for not line-splitting double dashes?

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I follow a style guide that requires double dashes (--) to be on one line and not split across two. Is there any way to automate searching for and correcting this issue? Relatively new to automating Word.



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Does your style guide allow use of a real N-dash (–) or M-dash (—) rather than the two hyphen substitute? That is available using AutoFormat as you type.
- hyphen

-- double hyphen
– N-dash
— M-dash


AutoFormat and AutoFormat As You Type hyphen conversion differences


If you can use one of those true dashes, then you can use Replace to replace the double hyphen with one of the true dashes.

@Charles_KenyonUnfortunately, our style guide does not allow N- or M-dashes.


This is not something done with a style. Period.


Take a look at the non-breaking hyphen available in Word.

Try creating one and then using Replace to replace two of the ordinary hyphens with two like this. You can paste two into the "Replace with" box.


Talk to whomever is in charge of your style guide. Using -- instead of true dashes is typewriter-era documentation and just plain wrong! This was a substitute for a true dash because none was available on a typewriter and there is really no excuse for using it in this day and age.

Thank you! I believe we use this style because software we use for technical issues does not recognize em dashes. Either way, I have no control or influence over this decision.