Macro keyboard shortcuts not working

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I recently observed some difficulty with assigning keys to macros in Microsoft Word that I still don't completely understand. Here is what I saw: I created - in Normal.dotm - 7 macros for various simple tasks. I would go into Customize Ribbon under File->Options, Keyboard Shortcuts: Customize, down to Macros and then assign each of my macros a keyboard shortcut. I found if I did this in any one of my Sharepoint Word documents it would rarely seem to "stick" - I would assign the keys but go back into the document and they wouldn't work. I did have one of my Word documents where it DID work, but several others where no matter how many times I assigned the keyboard shortcuts they just wouldn't work. Reading support articles I saw something that said macros need to be "Public" for keyboard shortcuts to work. At that point I went into my Normal.dotm, declared all 7 of my macros "Public" in Visual Basic, deleted all the keyboard shortcuts and re-assigned them. At that point 6 of the 7 worked. I had to remove and then re-assign the 7th item 2 times before it too finally "stuck". I don't know if it was the "Public" or the re-assigning (I suspect the latter) that did the trick, but even that 1 of the 7 didn't take until after several tries tells me I still don't understand the root cause.


Has anyone else seen behavior like this?

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Are you able to run macros locally on your computer? 


Where are the macros stored?