Lost months worth of work thanks to OneDrive

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I have spent months on a complex research project and have been using OneDrive to back everything up. I created a summary, that I could upload for viewers by reducing the MS down to about 2 pages, renamed it,  and saved it to OneDrive. When I went to open the original MS so I could keep working on it, all I now have is the summary. This is a nightmare. Months of work GONE. All the endnotes from the original MS gone.; images gone.  I have all the raw data and images in separate files, but it's the narrative that will have to be re-written and all the endnotes re-constructed. I am now moving everything off drive and putting it on a flash drive. This is inexcusable. This is a process I have always used and has never failed. But I will never use OneDrive again, it is simply too untrustworthy. 

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@AJColvin RIght click on the file in OneDrive and then on Version History and see if an earlier version is complete.