lost footnotes. and skipped FN numbers

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I was editing a book. The author placed the footnotes reference in the wrong place. In trying to move it, I cut and pasted the reference number to the correct place. I didn't notice for a long time that the FN number changed (skipped a number) and the FN text in the FN pane was gone.

I was on support with Microsoft. They can't tell me how to fix this. I've edited the entire 160pp book, and only the FN numbers are screwed up.

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@PaintedArcades1492 Do you still have the original, as it was before your changed the footnote references.

If so, if you make that and the edited document available, we will see if we can work out a solution for you.


Hi!  That's so very kind of you to offer. I think I can send you a part of the book without trouble. It will show the original and the file that I goofed up. How to send?


@PaintedArcades1492 You can send it to me at mergetools[atsymbol]gmail[dot]com

It seems I cannot send you a part of the book, as it renumbers the footnotes starting from 1.
Not sure if I'm allowed to send you the entire book, but I will find out.
thanks again,