Loss of zoom for 16" screen v 17.3" screen

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I am having problems trying to buy a 17.3" laptop to use outside in my garden, for a budget up to about £1200, which I understand should be at least 400 nits. Consequently, I am considering a 16" to widen my possibilities. I am currently using Word on a desktop with a 19" screen that allows me to zoom Word at 200%. I was expecting to lose some zoom capability when using a 17.3" laptop but wasn't aware how much. However a 16"" screen suggests I could lose even more zoom capability.  I would rather not look at just 100%. I thought 100% would mean the same size as on the paper (Times New Roman 12 point) A4. However, when putting a peice of A4 paper up against my 19" screen, the image is in fact bigget than the paper width.  Would someone please tell me what Word zoom I would be able to get on a 17.3"  and a 16" laptop?  And what is that really, compared to what would be printed?

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@vlilley The Zoom capability is independent of the screen size and the maximum is 500%  

Above a certain Zoom ratio however, it will not be possible to see all of the page on the screen and it will become necessary to scroll either vertically, or hoizontally to see particular parts of the page.

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP  Yes but the Zoom Capability is not independent of screen size, over a certaim zoom size, if you want to avoid scrolling horizontally, which I do. In my case it appears, that as 200% is max for a 19", I would expect less for a 17", and likely even less for a 16" but I don't know how much.