looking for temp files or autorec, autosave was turned off

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Hi, I really really need desperate help. Am supposed to deliver my thesis next monday and just figured out that my last months work is gone. Did not check the onedrive option in  new word app that I downloaded from the university server, becasue I wnatd to store my files on my harware. have a new computer with no usb to connect to my timemachine and my trash bin is empty (though I havent turned off the computer for weeks). I was hoping to find any temp files but haven;t been able. What can I do ? any help will be very much appreciated , heike 

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Only OneDrive offers to synchronize your files. For locally saved documents, you have to set up backup yourself. The available options may depend on your operating system. 


Word does include the AutoRecover facility, but it is intended for situations when Word has crashed; it can't be used for backups or when the computer has restarted unexpectedly, for example as the result of a system update.