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Hello everybody,


I am retrieving some data from Excel-Sheets. For this I am using the LINK field in Word:

{LINK Excel.Sheet.12 \\Path\\File.xlsx CellName /t /f 2}

So far, this works perfectly.


Now, I would like to go one step further as the filename might change:

{SET Path_File \\Path\\File.xlsx}

{LINK Excel.Sheet.12 {REF Path_File} CellName /t /f 2}

After actualization of all fields the last line changes to 

{LINK Excel.Sheet.12 \\Path\\File.xlsx CellName /t /f 2}

and the REF-field disappears.


Does anybody have an idea how to avoid this? As I have many links in my document, I want to centrally change the filename once, in the SET line.


Thanks a lot!

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This has been a known limitation of Word since... well, forever. Macropod (Paul Edstein) created a macro solution long ago. It was originally posted in the Windows Secrets lounge, which has now been absorbed into You can find the discussion and download the zip file from

@Jay Freedman 

Thanks for the quick answer an the link to the macro!