Lining numbers do not work for Footnote reference style

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OpenType features, namely lining numbers (instead of old style) are ignored in style Footnote Reference, e.g., there is no way how to use lining numbers in Footnote references if the chosen font has old-style numbers as default, such as Corbel for example. Anybody else encountered this? I could get it fixed only by switching the Footnote Reference font to something else...


Here is  a link to the document: open type references numbers.docx


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@Malatheon  Do you mean Line Numbers as a added via the Page Setup dialog



Hi @Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP ,


thanks for the reply. No, those are all footnotes, lining numbers are an OpenType feature that one can set in the Font properties dialogue.



The style Word is using for these in case of footnotes is called Footnote Reference and it is a character style (not paragraph style).




There are two problems with this style. Besides ignoring the Number forms setting in the Font - Advanced tab, the other problem is that this style does not show in the list of styles when Footnotes are applied regardless if I choose Styles to show either In use or In current document. I have to select show All styles in order for it to appear.


However, other settings, such as Font, size, font style or color are all honored, only OpenType features are ignored (but are honor in all other styles including Footnote style, just not in Footnote Reference style).

Hi @Malatheon 

I admit I had to look up what 'lining numbers are'. Never heard of it before, so thank you for bringing this up.


1. You are right, it doesn't work. This seems like something MS forgot about/missed, or "done intentionally". A ticket could be raised for that. Can you do that or do you want me to try?

2. As to the hidden style, no need to go to show all styles, just click on Manage Styles → Recommend and then mark the style 'Show'.



Hi, @Lenka_Kerumova,

thanks for looking into it and thanks for pointing me to the Manage styles section. The point that I am trying to make regarding the number 2 is, that even though the style is used and reported as such in the Style inspector, the Style list does not show it despite set to show Styles in the current document (or Styles in use), the style is not listed in both cases (you can see it in the attached picture, sorry about the dark mode).


To the point number one - what is the best way to submit a ticked with MS (in this case)?


Thank you very much,








Report this issue to Microsoft. In Word for Windows, use File > Feedback > Send a Frown. (For more on sending feedback, see