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There is a very mysterious event that I can not solve when copying and pasting some block of text. Maybe, someone could explain what happens here.

Every time I copy a content area from a Youtube video (description field) and paste it to a Microsoft Word document, text comes without CR/LF characters. I mean, all the text is placed as it was just only one line. Try yourself and see it.
But, if I paste the block of text to an UltraEdit (text editor) document, all the Carriage Return and Line Feed characters are placed as expected and correctly.

Because UltraEdit cannot see the hyperlinks inside the text, but Word can, I have no clue how to integrate a solution to get CR/LF characters and hyperlinks.

If I use Word, I got no line feeds.
If I use UltraEdit, I end up without hyperlinks.

Anyone has an idea for solve that puzzle?
And could explain what is going on with CR/LF characters from Youtube text?


After a while looking for a solution, for my big surprise, that very old Windows 98 text editor, called Write.exe could do the trick. But it's still failing to get hyperlinks from video timecode. It just catches them from links with "http" prefix.

I tried too many online text editors, GoogleDocs, Office 365, Zoho, EditPad and others. None of them place correctly line endings. But grab hyperlinks.

I'm advised that it's because unix-like lines terminations.
Any VBA or other workaround to get those correct line endings?

I'm still without a full solution.


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thank you for pointing me to "Cross-posting Etiquette" and sorry for my own cross-posting.
I understand and I agree with all reasons for don't do that.


My question came up some days ago, and I post it at UltraEdit forum last wednesday.
Mofi, its Moderator, gave me some explanations about Windows clipboard, but couldn't see a solution for that.
And more: he said that UltraEdit forum wasn't a place to discuss that issue. Thus, he deleted the entire thread I had started.


I have a copy of the page, but it doesn't exist anymore.


He also had suggested another forum, about Office issues, and I'm here.


First, I tried SuperUser, where I'd already had an account. It was yesterday.
I got a half solution from @harrymc, as I said there.
And today, I came here and here.
I hope someone has a suggestion that can solve the problem.


I'm not newbie at forum environment.
And I respect all kinds of etiquette for that.
I began using BBS and mailing lists and listserv, like Majordomo, in the mid-90'.
Of course, I used many other usernames.


I'd like to say sorry if my cross-posting can have harmed this forum.

@Gabarito Everyone has done it from time to time.

There are two keys.

  1. The first is patience: pick a forum that you think will help and post there.
  2. The second is if posting in multiple locations, be respectful of the time that volunteers giving answers devote. That is, let them know about the multiple posts with links and once you have responses, try to channel all the work to one location. If you get an answer in any of them, post information about that answer everywhere else you posted.