Line at end of word document won't go away

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At the end of every word document I create, a small bold line appears at the end. I cannot delete it. I have gone into the design tab to page borders to remove it by selecting none. On the screen, it disappears and I save it. However, when I open the document again the line is still there.

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@Hc1232130If you are in Draft view, this is the end of document mark.

Try switching to Print Layout view. (View tab)

Does it print?


BTW, telling Word in the Design Tab that you want no borders, switches to Print Layout view.

yes! that worked! Thank you.@Charles_Kenyon 

Another question I have is why is it that I cannot see my group labels in the ribbon under my tabs and just before the white of the document. So under "home" I do not see the words, clipboard, slides, font, paragraph, draw, edit, ....?

Glad to have helped. To get the best answers, please post your new question as a new question. BTW, I don't think you'll ever see "slides" on the home tab.