Letterhead Template with different Pg 1 headers

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I would like to create a template with a different header on page 1 than all the other pages.  I see how to insert a section break to create s different header on page 2.   That works fine once I typed my document.  Is there a way to create a template to hand out to my staff with that feature built-in before they start creating the body of the document?

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@AreSquare1 Don't use a Section Break, it is NOT necessary.  Rather, perform the following steps.


  1. Open your one page template
  2. Access the Header\Footer panes and insert the Header\Footer that you want to appear on the second and subsequent pages.  

    That assumes that you want a header\footer on the second and subsequent pages.  If that is not the case, go to Step 3
  3. Access the Header]Footer panes and go to the Header & Footer tab of the ribbon and in the Options section, check the box for "Different First Page".

    If you set up a header and footer in step 2, it will no longer be visible and in the now blank header and footer area, insert the header and footer that you want on the first page of the documents created from the Template
  4. Clos the Header and Footer using the Close Header and Footer button in the Close section of the Header & Footer tab of the ribbon.
  5. Save the template.



Doug is correct. You do NOT want a section break. That just complicates things and confuses people! There are tried and true methods of producing letterhead that is different on different pages automatically without a section break. These go into a bit more detail.