Keep high resolution when insert PDF or JPEG files in word

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Hi, guys, how are you all doing? I hope really well! I'm trouble. I'm tryig to attach a pdf file on word and I'm loosing resolution. It's a Finale (music software) converted to podf or jpeg that I'm trying to attach. Someone knows how can I keep the high resolution when I insert pdf or jpeg in word? My word is 2013 and I'm on winodws 10. I have attached some files to help you figure out what I mean. My main goal is when someone zoom in word document, the image/pdf still readable. I have attached two files. They are two different musics, but the idea behind is the same. The pdf file is how the quality stands when I import from Finale. The word file is how it looks like on word.  You can zoom in in word and in the pdf to see how different they are! The goal is to be the same quality. I have tried insert object, copy and paste and many other ways to achieve this and nothing :(. This is an official document, so I don't have the option sto change the format. Help someone could help me. Thanks in advance for your time and atention!

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