Issue with creating multilevel list in document

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I've created what I thought to be a multilevel list with only two levels.  The first line is associated with Heading Level 2.  I've recreated the result after creating two entries with two sub-entries each.  You can see that the top level creates the correct sequence (a one and a two).  However, the sub-entries aren't working correctly for the second entry.  Instead of 2.1 and 2.2, it's returning a continuation of the sub-entries under the first item.  Any tips?


1  Procedure Title1   (CustomLevel1 Style)

1.1  Aa (CustomLevel2 Style)

1.2  Dd (CustomLevel2 Style)


2 Procedure Title 2 (CustomLevel1 Style)

1.3 Ee (CustomLevel2 Style)

1.4 Ff (CustomLevel2 Style)



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Ensure that you set up your list so that the paragraph styles are associated with the correct list levels (one style per level). Restarts are controlled by the settings of the list. In particular, you need to specify that level 2 numbers should be restarted by level 1.


The basic idea for multilevel numbering is discussed in an article by Shauna Kelly (although she uses the built-in headings as examples); see