Is there a way to delete linked paragraphs?

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I have created a "master contract" in word which covers numerous products (let's call them A, B and C). 80% of the text in the master contract is common to all products, with the remaining bits specific to either A, B or C. What I would really love is to figure out some way whereby I can very easily/quickly delete all text related to B and C if I'm preparing the contract for product A.


Is there any way of doing this via hyperlinks or otherwise? Manually going through and deleting all paragraphs associated with B and C is extremely time consuming. 


Thank you.

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See the following page of Graham Mayor's website,developed%20from%20that%20....

While It is the opposite of the process that you describe, it should allow you to create the documents that you require.

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP thank you for the suggestion. Will keep that as a potential option but I think it works better for mixing and matching whole large sections of different documents together, in my scenario there are phrases within paragraphs which for example need to be deleted depending on the product, so not sure it can really address that more granular interplay.


Thank you though, as I say, perhaps it can help in some way if nothing else comes up.