Is it possible to add text to a style?

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I found this MS Word tip about adding text to a style:


I am using the desktop version of MS Word 2016 on a Windows 10 computer. I create a new style, and choose:

  • Modify
  • Format
  • Numbering

Once I'm in the Numbering dialog box, I choose:

  • None
  • Define New Number Format

I'm able to enter text in the "Number format:" dialog box, but as soon as I delete the grayed-out number field (the default value is "1"), the OK dialog box becomes grayed out.


Essentially, as soon as the automatic numbering is removed from the "Number format:" field, it becomes impossible to save. This renders the "trick" impossible to complete as shown in the video.


Am I missing something? Is there a way to create a style using text instead of an automatic number?


I'd like to create a "Note:" style where "Note:" appears automatically.


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