Insirt attatchments with Bulk e-mail in mail merge

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I love the word to e-mail mailmerge solution.  But I lack a the opportunity to add text to the e-mail body.

I would like to do a mailmerge, attatch a merged subscription form but fill the body of the e-mail with extra informatione. The subscription form is only partially filled and needs to be completed by the recipients. I do not want to use "e-mail" for this kind of mailmerge but I use "letter".


At the moment I can attatch a merged and personalized document as an attatchment but the body of the e-mail the recipients receive is empty, which is a bit weird.  


I personally do not like to receive e-mails that only contain attatchments, without any further explanation so I suspect my recipients do not either.


Does anybody else has been trying this kind of merge?

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Dear Petra,


I have developed a solution that allows you to write the body of the e-mail, and many more features. It is available to download in Github and you can see how it works in this video.   Hope this helps. (It is in spanish)


@Petra Van Horen