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     For weeks, I have not been able to insert page numbering later in my book/Word document, while simultaneously omitting numbering for the first few pages. I've tried many directions for doing so, but, frustratingly, nothing works.

     I've tried you several times to no avail, but months ago someone at your end was able to do this. Is that person still around?

     You may access my document remotely.

Randall Nichols

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@Randall_Nichols You will need to insert a Section Break before the first page on which you want the page numbering to appear and then access the header or footer of the Section of the document AFTER that Section Break and in the Header & Footer tab of the ribbon, click on the Link to Previous button to unlink the header\footer of that Section from the header\footer in the previous Section and then insert the page numbering field(s) in location (header or footer) where you want the numbering to appear.




If you want to set the starting page number click on the Page Number dropdown and then on  Format Page Numbers to display the Page Number Format dialog in which you can set the starting number.






Doug has provided the answer you need. If you want even more, see