Inserting another complete document into my document

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I have a Word document with headers and footers.  I want to retain those on every page.


However, in my document, I want to embed another document, in its entirety, including its header and footer.  


I dont want to attach it as an attachment.  I want it inline in the middle of my document..


For instance say I'm writing a document describing a product. I'm giving the description in my document.  Then I have a section with title for example: 4.0 Joe's Document.


I want Joe's document, including his header and footer, inserted at that point, without losing my header and footer. And i don't want to lose his either.


It would have my header and footer on every page and his would look like a sub document in mine.


How can that be done?

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Hello @MikeSD ,


First of all, you need to make a complete new section in your own document, using two section breaks.

This will create Section 1 (the one before Joe), Section 2 (Joe's), Section 3 (the one after Joe).

Check that the original header/footer information is correct in both new sections, and that the one following your Joe's section is not "linked to the previous" (that would pick up Joe's header/footer), just like Joe's section is not linked to your original previous one.


Set up Joe's header/footer information.

Then you paste over Joe's document. I would preferably use "Paste as text only" as precaution, but I leave that to you.


- You can give the Joe's section a totally different numbering, as well as the numbering position.

- You can make your Section 3 numbering that continues from your Section 1.

- You can style info in Joe's section to look different.

- You CANNOT have different margins, though.


Check that the header/footer areas are correct. Sending over some articles with basic information.

How to Insert a Section Break in Microsoft Word (

How to Insert Section Breaks in Microsoft Word (PC & Mac) (


I hope this helps. L.


I tried that using sections and it did retain Joe's header in Joe's section, but it over wrote my header that was in that section before pasting Joe's document. What I want is my headers on every page, including Joe's. But I also want to see Joe's, in Joe's section under mine.

Maybe the paste as text might accomplish that, except that wouldn't have Joe's header below mine. It would have Joe's middle of Joe's content on some pages.

I might be able to solve that with page breaks.

I will read the articles and see what I missed.


I am not sure I understand correctly, but if what you write means you want to have Your Section 1 + 2 info on Joe's part, and Joe's part in Your Section 1 + 2, then that's really simple. You put both info there.


You can use a table, something like this:



Unless you need to have different headers/footer/page numbering, no need to use sections breaks at all.


Here is what I'm trying to get.
Section 1:
my headers and my text
Section 2:
My headers and Joe's headers, and Joe's content
Section 3: back to my headers and my text.

If you imagine this visually every page would by my document based in headers BUT in the Joe section it would look like a screen capture of Joe's showing the header. But I dont want to use images. I'd like to drop his into mine, and keep his 100% intact, including his headers, and without losing my headers in Section 2.


Another way to imagine this.  Imagine I had my document with a bunch of blank pages in Section 2, with my headers.  Then I printed out Joe's document, with his headers and cut out each page and pasted each on one of my blank pages. Each of those pages would show both headers.


OK, so back to sections.


Refer to my previous post (create a section, unlink the headers/footers, etc., paste Joe's text).

1. Go to Your Header Section 1: Insert a two-row table. Row 1: Your header text. Copy table.

2. Go to Joe's Section: Paste the table, Insert Joe's header to Row 2.

3 Go to Your Header Section 3: Paste the table.

Bob's your uncle.



Table has three columns, use column 1 and 3, or two columns. 

Instead of a table, use tabs.

Or don't use table or tabs, just insert two paragraphs. You can also style them differently.


Use the Navigation Next/Previous commands in the 'Header & Footer' on-demand ribbon for smoother control. L.

Yes that's what I'm after. Interesting. I already tried using a table. But I only used a one row table and e hen o tried to paste Joe's content into it, with headers, Word gave an error that said can't paste that doc into my table"

But you have the image so I'm going to try again.


Hello @MikeSD ,

I think that's the problem. When you paste over something (the source) that has headers, it will mess up your target document, document layout, margins, you name it.

Section breaks are also a potential hazard, as they carry over much more information then is generally acknowledged, so should never be copied over to a new document unless you know what you are carrying over.


Any time there is a section break in a source document, it is worth creating that section anew in a target document, copy the source text and Paste "Text only" into the target one, and continue copy/pasting after the end of that section.


Saves a loooot of unnecessary work.

I'm still not getting what you are getting. .
Section 1:
My headers
--> My Content
Section 2:
Joe's header
-->Joe's content
Section 3:
My Headers
--> My Content

Version 2
When I paste Joe's document into my document, his headers override mine.

I tried tables but when I select Joe's document and try to paste into a table, it says "can's paste selection into tables".

In your screenshot, it looks like you just modified the headers for each section. Is that what you did? Manually paste Joe's header, after my header?  If you did, I'll look into that, but I'm not sure that's what I'm after. This way, it still looks like the included content is mine.  I want to attribute all of Joe's work as his, and just make it look like an included document.


One thing that almost worked, is by pasting into my document as an image.  But I won't want to use images.  I can't be the first one to ever want to do this.


Update:  Actually modifying the header manually might be a good solution. I just tried it, and it works well.


Oh wait, I just noticed that modifying the header, modified all headers, but I think that's an easy fix, if I can apply it only to section 2.  When I click on headers it says Secton 2, but also "Same as Previous"


Resolved: I just changed the section to unclick the Same as Previous option.





The rules that apply to section-level properties, such as headers/footers, when you copy and paste document content is discussed in the (archived) article at

Glad you figured it out @MikeSD to match your expectations.


There is a lot one can do with Headers/Footers, although they do have some drawbacks. I tried to make MS interested in updating the section to match modern paperless communication needs, but our ticket was turned down.

However, once one learns what doesn't work and what one must not do to not mess up one's document, it is a great feature.