Inserted row in word table problem

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When I insert a new row in an already existing table in word I cannot type in any of the cells, thoughts or suggestions as to why this is happening and how to fix it.

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@kimmelr Does the issue affect a particular document, or all documents? Can you provide a copy of such a document so that we can investigate the cause of the issue.

Can you type in the cells of the row above or below?
Yes, it is just the newly inserted one and I have discovered that if I insert another row further down in the table I can then type in the one that I previously could not but not in the new one. Obviously I am looking for a fix so that I do not keep having to go back.
I have not experienced this. Can you answer Doug's question and perhaps provide a sample document with the problem? (Open the full text editor and use the paper clip icon to attach a document.)