Indent in Multi-Level List

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Can you tell me how to record intend increase and decrease in a multilevel list through Macros?




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Hi, There is better than a macro: there are shortcuts. Ctrl+M increases the indentation, Ctrl+Shift+M decreases it. Kind regards Hans
Thank you so much but the thing is, it is required only through Macros. Is there any way of doing this in VBA Macros?



You can use the following commands:


Selection.Range.ListFormat.ListIndent  'indents/demotes the level in the selection

Selection.Range.ListFormat.ListOutdent  'outdents/promotes the level in the selection



Thank you so much. It worked



I'm glad I could help.


Note that the comments I added (starting with single quotation marks) are not part of the code. They are not supposed to wrap, but I see that they do here (when I tried to format the code samples as code samples, the problem became worse). You can just delete the 'indents/demotes the level in the selection and 'outdents/promotes the level in the selection parts.

Yes I already knew about how to comment in visual basic so I just copied only the part prior to this single quotation mark.
Once again, thanks a bunch.