Include html graphics with links at bottom of document

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How do I add some graphics with links at the bottom of my existing word document to share with members regularly. I want to add relevant graphics and links to our events at the bottom of the word document for members to click for more information. I would also need to be able to update the text and links frequently. Thanks.

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Hello @sk2424 ,

you can utilise the functions Index, Bibliography, or just the endnotes.


@Lenka_Kerumova thank you for responding.

Could you please explain the steps to do this?

@sk2424 Insert the graphic into the document and copy the link to the clipboard.  Then select the graphic and then click on Links dropdown on the Insert tab of the ribbon and then on Insert Link


and when the Insert Hyperlink dialog appears, paste the link into the Address: control


and then click on OK.  The image can then be clicked on (CTRL+Click) to access the website to which the link refers.