Import/Export word files from/to another word file

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I would like to export a word document to a new word document. Let's try to explain. I have a word document with a homemade ribbon, but when I save this word document after some work on it I would like to save it in another new word document (without the homemade ribbon).

I will also need a way to import a word document , but I think I found out where to start: Tab Insert, Group Text, Object button (Text from file...), I may be able to do some VBA coding for that.


I am also wondering if I should use a template, save my main document as Word Macro-Enabled Template, which could help me to import/export word file, but I have difficulties to understand the principle of these Word Templates or more exactly how it is really working.


Any help, thoughts, ideas or links will be helpful. Thanks.


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