I want to use short headings on the left of indented text at the same level. Then create contents

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I wish to create headings at  the left side of text in Word 2007 and then use these headings to create a table of contents.   The text on the right which follows these side-headings should be indented to a standard amount (using the ruler).


The text should start on the same line as the side-heading - not on the next line.


So here are two side-headings I want to add into the table of contents.


Help please.   Thank you

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You could set up the text with a hanging indent and type in the heading text, the way your example illustrates. 


You would have to create the headings with TC fields, that is, by marking text for inclusion with the TOC. See http://wordfaqs.ssbarnhill.com/TOCTips.htm#TCFields.


Note that this approach would be semi-automatic, though, because you would have to edit the TC fields if you modify the heading text.


Thank you for your clear reply.    Your suggestions woked very well.


Best regards     Bruce Kilpatrick



I'm glad I could help. Thanks for the feedback.