I am in Print Layout view, but why does it look like this?

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Screenshot 2024-05-14 230533.jpg

 How can I get it back to normal Print Layout view?

Like this:


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Hi Chris,


You can change the Zoom setting using the slider on the right side of the Status Bar or can use the View tab and use either the One Page or the Page Width settings.



Thank you for your reply! I have tried both those suggestions without success.


If you look at the screenshots, the way the document appears now is very different from the other screenshot (how it was previously); other than it being a two-page view and the font being larger, the toolbar looks totally different, the page itself is some kind of parchment color etc. It is clearly in some different kind of "View", though, as I mentioned, it is in Print Layout view. Can you tell me what other "View" this might be?


That appears to be a Reading View. of some sort. It is not Print Layout view. Look at the top of screen at the Ribbon.

The second shot appears to be Print Layout view in Word 2010.


The one with two pages does not appear to be Print Layout. Look at the Ribbon tabs.


Are you in the browser program rather that the desktop application.

If so, which browser are you using?


This looks very much like Kindle.

Do you by any chance have an Add-In to produce Kindle files?