Hyperlink in MS Word to an anchor on a web page

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I need to insert the following link in an MS Word document:


This redirects to the #subtitle anchor of the Web page.


When I save the link in the MS Word document, the format does not take into account the anchor.



I use MS Word 2019. Is anyone has an idea how to insert links containing anchors?


I tried to deactivate "update links on save" in File > Option > Advanced Options > General > Web Options > Files


No result.


Thx !



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@spartitus Paste the link from your post into a document and then with the selection inside the code, right click and then left click on Edit Hyperlink




Then, in the Edit Hyperlink dialog, replace the code shown ni the Text to dsiplay: control with the text that you want to appear as the hyperlink in your document


When you toggle off the display of the fields codes, you will then see


and clicking on it will take you to







You could simply add #subtitle to the link in the dialog or in the field code, if you know the name of the bookmark.


Or, you could use the Bookmark button on the dialog (Signet on your screenshot). That gives you a list of the bookmarked locations in the web page.



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Issues fixed. Thank you very much !
That's what I tried to do. But it didn't work. Anyhow, thanks for your help.

@spartitus You are welcome.
So, for you, the solution is to:

  • Add the #subtitle text in the field as described by Doug?
  • Add the #subtitle text after the link in the dialog box?
  • Click on Bookmark button and find the location?