How Would I Create Multiple Margins in a 16-Page Book Fold Page Setup

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I'm creating an approximately 500 page document with two alternating speakers. To decipher between them I've decided to have different indentations and fonts. The fonts are easily changeable, but the indentations not so much. I can't just TAB each line for 500 pages because I also want to use Justify Alignment.

When I attempt to change the Margins, it changes the Margins for the entire document whether I have sections highlighted or not. In the Page Setup window, the "Apply to" drop down box is always greyed out. 

I've tried a Continuous Break. Then I highlight the section, changed the Margins, and it does "successfully" change the Margins. Unfortunately, it puts it on the next page. This would turn my 500-page document into thousands of pages, not to mention all the dead space.

Does anyone know how to create multiple Margins not just in the same document, but on the same page?


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You would almost certainly NOT want multiple margins. Instead, you would want various styles set for different paragraph indents.

Margins and Indents in Word


In your title you talk about a 16-page book and in your question you are talking about 500 pages.


You should also explore the concept of Mirror Margins which are different margins for even-numbered and odd-numbered pages. Likewise using Gutter settings (but only if your publication is left-to-right text ).

See also: Margins in Microsoft Word.


@Charles_Kenyon Thank you for the link. You were correct. The paragraph indentations did EXACTLY what I am trying to accomplish.