How to share a word document with macros?

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is that possible to share a Word document with Macros automatically?

I have read some notes but it seems to be not possible.

I appreciate any help on this!
Thanks in advance!!! 

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Hi Lemikor265,
thank you a lot for your notes!!!

I did this saving as ".docm" format and sent it by email or shared in other platform to a friend, however, when the word document is opened, no Macros are there ... pressing Alt+F11, nothing was included ...

Is there any other suggestion?

@Leandro2603 While a number of third party Anti Virus applications (Norton and McAfee) for example will stip any VBA code from macro enabled documents and templates when the recipient saves them to their computer, there usually is a provision in those applications to specify files that the user wants to save with the macros intact..

Hi @Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP 


Thank you a lot for the attention and support!
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