How to "unedit" attributes of a Style so it reverts to whatever is in the Style it's based on..

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We have a suite of cascading customised styles, most of which are based on the one above, all the way back to Normal.


Many of those styles have been given their own values for 'after paragraph' spacing, font, etc. which of course overrides that of the base style, but I'd now like many of them to fall back into line with the base styles.  (I could change them all manually but then future edits will need to be done manually as well).  


How do I achieve this without recreating the majority of the styles from scratch (it's a large and complex set of styles)?  Any help greatly appreciated!!



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So it seems to be the case that if you manually edit the attribute in question in the child style so that it matches the parent style again, they will re-link. So from then on if you change it in the parent style, the child style will conform.