How to open multiple word docs in same window or word file as separate tab (like Excel)

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Hi, is there a way I can open multiple MS Word file in the same word file as separate tab like excel or OneNote? I want to avoid switching to different word open file.

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That is not possible in Word. While in Excel, you can have multiple sheets in the one Workbook File, multiple Workbook files are handled in the same way as multiple document files are handled in Word.

How can this feature be added to Word? Seems like a simple feature request to be added. If not, why not? Please explain. It is deffinitely something that would add value to Word.


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I'm afraid this is not a new idea. My recollection is that Word 97 had tabs but that these were removed with a later release.


Here is a review of a commercial third-party product that does that.


You can use OneNote to get tabbed, formatted, content.


Note, this is not the place to get any changes made in Word nor the attention of developers at Microsoft. This is an independent user-to-user support forum. MS does not see anything you post here. The way to get their attention is through the feedback mechanisms.

Can we use Office Tab application from third party? Is it safe to use? The soft is in the link below.


Like all third-party tools, it could break when Word is updated. I do not have experience with this but the company has been around for quite a while.
It works in my installation and they offer a free trial. I have installed it.


One minor drawback I have noticed involves use of the visual basic editor, which I use frequently. When the vbe is open, it shows as a separate item on the taskbar (in the Word group). With this add-in installed, you cannot click on it on the taskbar (even though it shows) to switch to the editor. You must use Alt+F11 to switch to the vbe even if already open. If you click on it on the Windows taskbar, it switches you immediately to the Word document.

This is a problem only when trying to switch from a browser to the vbe to copy/paste macros and is not a big deal. For most users, this would not even be noticed.

If it does not work for you, you can uninstall it.