How to include a section with track changes in a document that otherwise has no track changes

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My doctoral student is doing a long dissertation and wants to include an appendix that shows track changes comments, but he does not want track changes elsewhere in the dissertation. If he tries to include it now it upsets the formatting of the rest of the dissertation. Any ideas? 


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Hi @professorpear ,

the process is very easy. Either way I do it, with or without a section (meaning two section breaks), the rest of my documents doesn't get upset.

How does your student do it?

Or does it mean that your student dislikes the margin that appears for the comments in bubles?

Print the section separatelly, or even print to PDF separatelly, and then combine. Your student will deliver the final version in PDF.



When Track Changes is activated, you will see the Markup area on the right, so the whole document will look slightly different. There is no way around that, as far as I know. Well, you can choose not to display revisions in the Markup area, but you can't control what other people see when they open the same document.


You could ask the student to keep the appendix in a separate document during the editing process.