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Hi! Thanks in advance for any answers. 


I know how to custom hotkey something, but I don't see that function listed. I'm talking about on the Home tab, Editing area, Select (under Find and Replace), then Select Objects, which turns the curser into an arrow and allows dragging around objects to select them. I use that function so much that it is quite frustrating to have to keep clicking through the menu to get it. Any way I can hotkey it? Thanks so much - 



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@Finbar_Peasant If you right click on the Select Objects item, you can then Left Click on "Add to Quick Access Toolbar"


To make it even more accessible, set the Quick Access Toolbar to be displayed below the ribbon



thanks so much for the reply. What i meant though was assigning it a hotkey- like ctrl-p, or alt-x for instance- is there no way to do that? Thanks- 






I think that Doug has given you the best solution, even though it is not exactly what you want.

Often with a situation like this, I will record or write a macro and assign a shortcut to that. Recording does not work with this and I do not know that this command has been added to vba.

Like you, I prefer keyboard shortcuts to mouse movements, but you can only do what you can do.

Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word 2007-2021 (365)


It is possible that a third-party key assignment program can do this, but I haven't tried.


You can and should give Feedback to MS about this and perhaps get it added to the vba object model for Word. Giving Feedback on Microsoft Word or other Microsoft Products 

Oh - i see. Okay- well that answers my question- thanks to you both for your time. Much appreciated



You can assign a keyboard shortcut to the built-in SelectDrawingObjects command. Use the Customize Keyboard dialog box (File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Customize).






Sir - you have proven without a doubt that you don't need a mask, metal claws, or gamma radiation strength to be a superhero. Thank you!  


An interesting note - I have to tap the second part of the hotkey twice to get it to work. I have it set to "Ctrl /", so I have to hit the "/" twice in rapid succession, but this has the fantastic surprise bonus that if I do get into select objects mode this way, I can just hit "Ctrl /" once to get back out of it and into normal select mode. This makes my life easier - thanks again - and to all others who replied. :)