How to get word to insert a row, if a specific option is selected from drop down list

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HI there

I'm new to using the Developer tab, and "drop down list content control". As an example, lets say I have a form with 2 columns (Col A is the title of the field, Col B is the input).

On Row 2 I have an drop down option with Yes or No. If the user selects Yes, is there a way for me to program the form to insert a line below that one automatically, with a specific Title and Input ?

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@CKMay670 That can be done by using the Document_ContentControlOnExit event to determine the selection made from the dropdown and if appropriate, insert a row after the row containing the Content Control.


Take a look at some of the Content Control pages on Greg Maxey's website for some examples



Thank you Doug ! I'm off to investigate/watch his videos now. THANK YOU AGAIN !!!!