How to delete a portrait blank page after a landscape page with a table in it

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I have been trying to delete a blank page after a landscape page with a table in it.
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 A) That would be the simplest solution:

Click at the end of the document and press the Backspace key (⇦).

It is the key above the Enter key until the blank page disappears.


B) Delete a page in Word


If that doesn't help ... follow the steps below.


Delete a blank page at the end of a table.

1) Open the document in Word. Blank pages that cannot be deleted can appear in documents that end with a table. The position of the table requires Word to save the document's formatting information in an empty paragraph just below the table. You can't delete this paragraph, but you can shrink it to remove the blank page.

    Try this method if you use a Word template (e.g. for resumes, overviews, brochures, etc.), as these usually contain tables.

2) Navigate to the Table tab. If you don't see the tab at the top of the screen, click anywhere in the text just above the blank page and it should appear.

3) In the Table tab, click on “Layout”. The table settings are displayed in the top bar.

4) Select "Show Grid". Now you should see visible lines around the text just in front of the unwanted blank page.

5) Turn on the paragraph markers. This will cause a series of paragraph marks (¶) to appear on your page. You can do it with this command: Windows: Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + 8

6) Select the ¶ just below the table. If you see more than one ¶, use the mouse to select them all.

7) Navigate to the Start tab. Now that the paragraph mark is selected, it's time to change the font size.

8) Click once in the Font Size box. The box shows a number (e.g. 12) and is right next to the name of the font (e.g. Times New Roman).

9) Press 1, then press ↵ Enter. This reduces the size of the hidden paragraph so that it doesn't need a blank page of its own. The blank page should disappear immediately.

10) Turn off the paragraph markers again. Now you can make it invisible again. Click on the ¶ icon or use one of these keyboard shortcuts: Windows: Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + 8


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Hello @Stefan_Blom,

thank you for the link!

I had 150+, 200+ page documents with mirror margins, two sections, odd pages different. I tried to utilise all oddities possible to make the page numbering of the second section work the way I wanted, never succeeding unless using a dirty trick ;-). Now I know it wasn't for lack of knowledge :D.

Mistery solved. It was Word ;-). Lenka