How to copy & paste multiple comments' balloons from one word doc to another on MacBook air?

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Hello everyone, 


I am trying to highlight several comment balloons to copy-paste from doc file to another. I tried ctrl + C and did not work. I tried highlighting one balloon and holding down the shift key and then pressing the down arrow, didn't work as well. 


any idea?

How to copy & paste multiple comments' balloons from one word doc to another on MacBook air?

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You can copy the commented text into a new document and the comment balloons will follow. Does that help? 


Note that if you want to specifically extract only the text of the comments, you may have to make use of a macro. 

Thanks for the response @Stefan_Blom 


Yeah, I am not interested in copying the entire commented text. I want to be able to perform the following using word doc on my MacBook air:

1- select the content of all comment balloons instead of just selecting a single comment manually,

2- copy and then paste the content of the comment balloons into another doc without the commented texts 

I hope I made it clearer to you... I saw a video of a person performing the same procedure on a PC. I couldn't find any resources on how to perform the same thing on Mac. 

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As far as I know, this would require a macro, both on a Mac and a PC. 


The following simple VBA code would insert comment text and the commented text in a new document:


Sub InsertCommentTextInNewDoc()
'Macro created by Stefan Blom, MVP, June 2022
Dim c As Comment
Dim doc As Document
Dim currdoc As Document
Set currdoc = ActiveDocument
Set doc = Documents.Add

For Each c In currdoc.Comments
doc.Content.InsertAfter "Commented text: " & c.Scope.Text
doc.Content.InsertAfter "Comment: " & c.Range.FormattedText
Next c
End Sub