How to change Font Style Pattern

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I've added a font pack from Google (Blinker) to all my O365 solutions. On word, the text seems to come with a white background.

Screenshot 2023-08-31 125624.png

I've scoured forums and blogs, and have checked:

  • there is no fill 
  • there is no highlight 
  • there is no fill colour under the page border settings 
  • there are no restrict edit highlights 

We only notice the white when changing the page background colour and each word is highlighted. 


I've found in the style settings, that the font has a background pattern of White, but this doesn't seem to be editable. It also doesn't happen in PowerPoint so doesn't appear to be embedded in the font files. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

How can I remove this from word?



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@ellegregory If you upload a copy of a document in which you have used that font, we will investigate the issue.



I cant seem to upload it: 



@ellegregory Give it another try as I was just able to upload the attached document.



Your screen shot suggests that one or more paragraph styles have acquired character shading. 


As a start, try modifying the Normal style. Doing so may suffice, since Normal is the based-on (parent) style of many other styles in Word. Do the following: Select a single word which is shaded (in a paragraph in Normal style). Go to the Borders and Shading dialog box and click the Shading tab. Choose the "No Fill" option, even if it already appears to be selected. Confirm the setting with OK. Then, in the Styles pane, use the Update Normal to Match Selection option. 




Hi Stefan
Thank you! It did just appear already to have been selected on no fill, and updating the style seems to have resolved it.
Thank you



I'm glad I could help.