How to add horizontal strip?

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Hi everyone,


I want to add some horizontal strips over texts and the strip should extend throughout the horizontal space of the page (not just like underlining the text). Is there some way in word for this ? I'm using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021. please help!

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Do you mean through the text, or underneath it? Adding a bottom border to the paragraph will place a line under the last line of text in the paragraph that extends from the Left margin to the Right margin.

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP i mean through the text so that it looks like the highlighted text from left margin to right margin. (Please remember the text could be short but i should be able to highlight it from left margin to right margin.)

Thank you.

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@paras777 The only way to do that would be to insert a shape of the desired height and width with the fill set to the desired color and set its layout so that it is behind the text.


Having set it up once, you could copy and paste it to the other locations where you want it to appear.


Thank you Doug_Robbins. I will try this. It seems theres no other way for this case. Thanks a lot again!