How to add an asterisk in front of a, b, c, d?

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I have a massive question bank that I need to format a specific way to import to Resondus 4.0 for a community college.


Red Text (RGB: 255, 0,0) is where the correct answer is located. For example: 




How do I add an asterisk in front of each letter? Currently, I have done 


1. Ctrl+ H

2. "Replace with:" the value "*^&"

3. "Format" is "Tabs">Alignment = Left > Leader 1 None


This has produced some results, but for some reason, it isn't working for all. Any help is much appreciated!


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@kevingmc I used the find and replace showed below and it worked for some and not others as you mentioned. The reason is that some of the options are autoformatted as lists while some lists were created by you. The manually created lists will work while the auto-completed lists will not work.


You will notice below that Question 2's options are autoformatted while that of Question 3. is not. Try to create the answer lists manually. Unfortunately, that's almost like manually adding the asterisks throughout the document.





Thank you! This answer key came from a publisher, so I guess that is how they put it together. I guess I'll do what I can automatically, and then do the rest manually. Thanks, again.