How do you control the Paragraph Spacing Before in WORD?

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I am trying to understand the behaviour of the "Paragraph Spacing", something I am not controlling fully.

In the attachment Capture A, the Paragraph Spacing Before seems to be ignored (working correctly in the attachment Capture B). I did have a look in the group Style, both seems to be the same (Normal style) and I can't see a difference. Both files are ".docx" files.

Do you have any idea why I can't control correctly the Paragraph Spacing Before in one case?

Or where I should look in view to be able to control it?

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I finally found out. Check this link:
In few word: Go to File, then button Options, select Advanced, go to the bottom and in Layout options for, tick Don't use HTML paragraph auto spacing.



By default, the Spacing After of a paragraph and the Spacing Before of the following paragraph won't be added.


Instead, Word applies the spacing only once, using the larger of the two values. (If both Spacing Before and Spacing After are set to the same amount, that amount will be applied once.) Selecting the option "Don't use HTML paragraph auto spacing" will change this behavior, as you have found. 


Also, note that Spacing Before will be ignored at the top of a page, with the exception of the first page of a Word section.