How do I Stop Word Switching to Multiple Pages View


I have a high resolution wide screen monitor. Every time I open a Word document in full screen, it switches to the Multiple Pages view (typically 2 pages, side by side).  I hate this view! I can't read 2 pages at a time. I always want a single page view.  Does anyone know if there is a way to stop Word changing to this view?


I am using Microsoft® Word for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2202 Build 16.0.14931.20128) 64-bit


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Here when re-opening Word, the Zoom ratio that is in effect is that, which was applied to the document that was the last one closed in the previous Word session

@Did you read his question?  The answer has nothing to do with the question.  



If you want to be able to save the zoom ratio and view with each document, you can make use of the SaveViewLocMulti add-in by Jay Freedman. See



Under the VIEW tab,  there are options to select "One Page" or "Multiple Pages".  If you click the One Page icon, MS Word stops the multi-page presentation mode.  I read that choosing the "Vertical" will scroll top/bottom, versus left/right.


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