How do i set default tab measurements that will work with ctrl + M

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I have set my default tab stops at 0.5 and my indentation to hanging at 0.25.

The first time I press ctrl + M it works perfectly, setting the left indentation at 0.5 cm.

If I press ctrl + M a second time, the left indentation gets sets to 0.6cm, instead of the expected 1.o cm.

If I press ctrl +M again I get a left indentation of 0.85cm.

It is only when I press ctrl +M again that I get to a 1cm indent. 

The hanging indent works perfectly.

Is there any way to set it so that every time I press ctrl + M it increased the indent by 0.5cm. instead of these seemingly random values?

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@Rob4077 I believe that you probably have tab stops set as shown below



If you access the Tabs dialog and click on Clear All, do you then get the expected behaviour




Thanks for the suggestion, but here's what I have as my default. That said, it now seems to work as expected. Must have needed to sleep on it. Thanks for taking the time to reply