How do I remove an extra row after Section Break?

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Before the title "Zaključak" there is a paragraph symbol which creates an extra empty row after the previous text seen on the upper page. These two are different sections so they need to be divided like this. The problem is when I would try to delete that extra row with Backspace I would just skip it and start deleting the text itself. I want the title "Zaključak" to begin on the top of the page, not after that new row after the Section Break. Help.

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@Danijel805 You should be able to select the pilcrow that I have highlighted in yellow and then click on the Delete key to delete it.







The exact behavior of a section break and "its" paragraph mark may depend on whether the document is in compatibility mode or not, but Doug's suggestion should work in most cases. 

I worked it out by removing upper Section Break, then clicking on the beginning of the first line on the second page (in-between "4." and "the title") and then hitting it with SB. It automatically fixes it. Thanks tho!