How do I get footnotes to restart periodically?

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I know my title line suggests this is an easy problem to solve, but let me be more specific (by the way, I have Word 2019––I think––for Mac OS). The document is my doctoral dissertation, and I am required to have page numbers at the bottom center of the first page of each chapter. For the rest of each chapter page numbers must be top right. I was able to do this by introducing section breaks.

However, I am also required to have my footnotes restart at 1 at the beginning of each chapter. The section breaks I had inserted resulted in a situation in which the footnotes restarted at 1 on the first page of each chapter, but then restarted at 1 on the following page too! I could not find any way to solve this problem.

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Instead of using a Section Break between the First and the Second page of each chapter, if you use a Different First Page Header and Footer, you can have the page number of the first page of the chapter in the First Page Footer of a chapter and you can have the page numbers for the other pages in the chapter in the Primary Header so that they only appear in the header for the second and subsequent pages of the chapter.
When you do that, you will not have the issue of the footnotes re-starting on the second page of a chapter.