How can you compile text of a Word document into a shortened list that are linked to the original lo

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I need to create a curated list of content that is made up of text from other parts of the same document but linked so that I can click on an element of the curated list and be taken to the original text elsewhere in the document.

The source text is not Headings but segments of text related to the topic of the list that I want to curate the list from. I want the source text to also show in the curated list. 

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

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@Macwreck One way to achieve that would be to bookmark the segments of text and at the beginning of the document create a list of Cross References to the text of each of the Bookmarks.  By default, the cross references are inserted as Hyperlinks so that by clicking on them (CTRL+Left click) you will be taken to the bookmark in the body of the document.