How can I recover forgotten password for Word document?

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Hello everyone, I have a question here for you. I created a Word document earlier and set it password protected, but now I forgot Word document password and can't open the file. This document is very important to me and it contains some important information for my work. I wonder if there is any way to recover this forgotten Word document password? If anyone knows how to do it, please share your experience, thank you very much!

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Forgetting passwords is really annoying! You can try some Word password recovery tools, such as Dr. Word or Word Password Recovery. These tools can sometimes help you recover forgotten passwords for Word document.


See this tutorial:


Look, I tested a 7-digit password on my computer and it only took 30 minutes to recover! That's pretty good!




However, how effective they are sometimes depends on luck and the complexity of the password. It is recommended to think about any possible password combinations, such as frequently used passwords or important dates, before trying these tools. 


Of course, if you've already tried the usual methods but still can't recover Word document password back, you might also consider looking to see if you've recorded the password somewhere else before, such as in a secure notes app or password manager.


If that's not possible, try contacting some professional data recovery services to see if they can help. Another way is to think back to the mental state or environment you may have been in when you set the password, sometimes these clues may help you remember the password. Don't be discouraged, take your time, I hope these methods can help you!

Recovering password from Word document is straightforward once you know the original password. Begin by opening the document and entering its password to gain access. Once the document is open, navigate to the File tab, then select Info. From there, click on Protect Document and choose Encrypt with Password.

In the Encrypt with Password dialog box, simply clear the password in the Password box and click OK. This action will remove the password protection from the document, making it accessible without needing to enter a password in the future. This method ensures that only those with the original password can remove the protection, maintaining security during the process.

For old document (Word 2010 and before), you can remove or recover the forgotten password from Word by renaming it to a zip file.


Start by renaming the file extension from .docx to .zip, treating it as a compressed ZIP file. Open this ZIP file using Windows Explorer and navigate to the "Word" folder inside.


Within this folder, locate and delete the "Settings.xml" file, then close the window. Rename the file extension back to .docx. When you open the document next time, you will no longer be prompted for the password, allowing you unrestricted access.

I am using Dr.Word and it helped recover a strong password from word document. It is a powerful password recovery tool that supports a wide range of file types, including Microsoft Word documents.


Step 1: Browse to the location of the Word document you want to recover the password for and select it.
Step 2: Dr.Word will offer different recovery methods, such as Dictionary Attack, Brute-force Attack, and Mask Attack.
Step 3: Choose the appropriate method based on your requirements and the complexity of the password. Dictionary attacks are faster if you have an idea of the possible passwords, while brute-force attacks are more comprehensive but can take longer.

Step 4: Once Dr.Word successfully recovers the password, it will display it on the screen. Use the recovered password to open your Word document.


Note: The time required to recover the forgotten Word password depends on its complexity. Simple passwords may be recovered quickly, while more complex ones may take longer.


It's a tricky business, and there's no way to recover forgotten Word document password other than to memorize it. It may sound a bit esoteric, but some users have found that using hypnosis to recall their passwords works (no kidding!). It's a bit of a mystery, but some users have found that hypnosis works (no kidding!). This might work for document passwords, though. If a document is locked just to prevent people from editing it or to fill out a form, there is a trick that may help you: try selecting all but the last paragraph of a document, then copying and pasting it into a new document. This can sometimes bypass the combination lock. 


It depends on whether you want to retrieve your Word document password, or just want to open a document without a password. You can try this little trick:


You can copy that file, then change the file extension to .rtf and open it with WordPad. Be warned that opening the file this way may lose some of the original formatting. If the formatting is not particularly important to you, this method still works. Once it's open, you can choose to copy the contents into a new Word document, or save it directly in WordPad as a Word format.


If you mainly want to access the content of the document and do not care about the formatting, the above method should be able to solve the problem. However, if the formatting in the document is important, such as having special typography or diagrams, using WordPad may not be ideal. At this point, I have a few more suggestions to consider:


  1. Use professional Word password recovery tools: There are some professional software on the market, such as Dr.Word, such tools can help you recover forgotten Word documents password. Of course, before using these tools, it is best to confirm their security and legitimacy.
  2. Seek professional help: If the document is particularly important and none of the above methods can meet the demand, you may need to find a professional data recovery service to help. Such services are usually costly, but may be worth it in cases where the data is of high value.


Hey, I understand your current predicament, it's a real headache. Gotta say though, even Microsoft can't help you recover a forgotten Word document password. If the password is lost or forgotten, there is nothing Word itself can do to help you recover it. In this case, the data may not really be recovered, and I'm sorry about that.

To prevent such problems in the future, I recommend that you back up your passwords in a safe place, or set a strong password that is both secure and memorable. That way, even if you forget it, you'll have a backup plan to avoid data loss. I hope these tips have been helpful! If there are any other questions, feel free to come talk to me anytime.


I think this method is quite creative and worth a try. You can change the extension of your Word document from .docx to .zip, just like you would with a regular ZIP compressed file.


Then, double-click the ZIP file and open it with Windows Explorer. Find a folder named "Word", go in, find and delete a file called Settings.xml. Close the window after deleting it.



Finally, change the extension of the file from .zip to .docx.

After doing so, the next time you open this document, the window asking for a password should no longer pop up.


Try this method to see if it can retrieve your forgot Word password.

You can try Word's built-in password recovery tool. Open the Word document and click on "File" > "Info" > "Protect Document" > "Decrypt Document". Follow the prompts to attempt to recover the password.

If you're able to open the document but can't remember the password, try clicking on "File" > "Info" > "Protect Document" > "Change Password". This might allow you to reset the password or remove it altogether.

+1 for Dr.Word. The password recovery speed is insane. 100K+ passwords per seconds on an Intel i5 CPU. Only took me 30 minutes to recover a forgotten password from a Word document with 6 characters. The mask attack mode is really efficient to find the lost password from Microsoft Word application.