How can I make my cursor appear where I place it in table columns?



Hi Folks. Hoping someone can provide a little insight into a problem I am having when placing my cursor inside a column. When I click inside the columns to place my cursor (aside from the first one) the cursor pops up elsewhere - usually the first line item in that column. As an FYI, this issue occurs in both Google Docs and MS Word, and with multiple documents. Also, I posted my question in the Google Docs help community but did not reach a solution to the problem.


The image below should help illustrate the problem. Beneath the image you can see all of the things I tried doing to help solve the problem, as well as some tech specs on the system I am using.


Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

google docs cursor issue.jpg

Computer: PC

OS: Microsoft Windows 10

Browser: Firefox 92.0.1 (64-bit) [problem happens in Chrome also]


Steps already taken:


  • Cleared cache and cookies
  • disabled all add-ons, plug-ins, themes, and extensions
  • Tried using private windows
  • Turned off hardware acceleration
  • Reset zoom to normal
  • Tried different line spacing


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