Hidden characters - i'm missing something

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I have a document that is exported from another program. There are multiple paragraph mark paragraph mark that look just like this: 

No spaces or any other hidden characters but if i search and replace ¶¶ it doesn't find any. I've tried paragraph marks, paragraph characters, manual line breaks etc. and every combination i can think of but nothing works. I've set it to display all characters etc but don't see anything else. Does anyone know of a way to see what characters may be in there? Maybe by copying and pasting into something else?  





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@sheederjU  In the Find what control, use ^13 instead of ^p




or, if there are varying numbers of ¶, use a Wildcard replace, replacing ^13{1,} with ^p



@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP Amazing! That worked. What is ^13 - just curious now.  

Thanks so much!