help with tedious/lengthy process of cell resizing in table

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in my table (in the pictures),  i want to resize the cells such that, the column width of the middle columns fit the word content, and the end column contents likewise  (so that i dont have several lines in the final column entries ) , instead try and have one row presented as one line (where it is possible).


at the moment im having to follow a long, quite precise/tedious procedure of having to click one cell, highlight it, in final column, then CAREFULLY place the mouse to hover over the border line of that cell to get the "doubleline double arrow" pointer to appear so that i can slide the width of the end column cell to increase its width and simultanouesly decrease width cell of the middle column.  


please see picture to help make sense of what ive written.


is there any shortcuts to any of the steps above.


hope this makes sense...




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Hello @Amol_Singh ,

from your print-screen I see that you are not using a ruler. Try to switch that on. It is easier to adjust the cell/column widths on the ruler.

Also, if you press down CTRL while you are dragging the cell border left or right, it will automatically adjust the bordering column in the opposite way.

These are general tips.

With merged cells, you are stuck in this tedious one-cell-at-a-time work, unfortunately, as the Layout → Cell size can't work with merged cells the same way as with regular table.

Perhaps someone else will chime in with other ideas.

thanks will give it a try.

this document of mine is 64 pages ( its 1 table that cover 64 pages) with similar entries as in the picture.
it is running quite slowly, while i am trying to adjust column sizes rows etc, typing and so on..

is there a way to help speed all the processes up, ( for instance, it is lagging behind when i drag celll borders and do any typing etc)