Help with creating Word macros for footnotes


Hi everyone, I'm new here and a non-techie so please excuse any mistakes. I was directed here by the Microsoft support chat team.


I write a lot of long essays in Word, and I use footnotes. When using footnotes, Word puts the footnote's text into a separate section at the bottom and leaves only the superscript number for the footnote in the main text body.


Long story short, I've written my essays using this footnotes function, but I cannot have this format. I need the footnote in the main text body and not separated into a bottom footnote section.


What I've been doing is going back one-by-one and copying the footnote's text from the separate bottom section and pasting it into the main text body and then putting it into brackets, for example: [Footnote 25,]


I know with macros we're able to automate certain repetitive functions, is there a way to do this using Macros? So that each footnote within the Word document is moved from the bottom section and pasted into the main text body (instead of the superscript number only) and put into brackets like how I've been doing? 


Thank you for any and all help, ideas, solutions/alternative solutions! 

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@KevAcct Use a macro with the following code:


Dim i As Long
With ActiveDocument
    For i = .Footnotes.Count To 1 Step -1
        With .Footnotes(i)
            .Reference.InsertBefore "[Footnote " & i & " - " & .Range.Text & "]"
        End With
    Next i
End With